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AiSHi THB 2000H Automotive Grade Film Capacitors
AiSHi is presenting THB 2000 Hours Automotive Grade film capacitors series. The THB 2000H series film capacitors passed THB 2,000 Hours testing, offering double the life time compare to traditional TH
AiSHi EMI Class X1 Film Capacitors, 350Vac~530Vac (THB 2000H, Automotive Grade)
AiSHi introduce automotive grade EMI Class X1 film capacitor FXJ series with rated voltage of 350Vac, 480Vac and 530Vac for automotive applications.
AiSHi EMI Class X2 Film Capacitors, 305Vac/350Vac (THB 2000h, Automotive Grade)
AiSHi introduce industrial highest robustness grade EMI Class X2 film capacitor FXT and FXQ series with rated voltage of 305Vac and 350Vac for automotive, renewable energy, industrial and home appliance.
AiSHi EMI Class Y2 Film Capacitor (THB 2000H, Automotive Grade)
AiSHi FYQ series Y2 EMI film capacitor with rated voltage 300Vac and operating temperature up to 125°C exhibit very high capacitance stability, high dielectric strength, over voltage stress withstandi
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