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FXG Series - AiSHi New THB Type EMI Class X1 Film Capacitors (~760Vac)
AiSHi presents a new THB type X1 film capacitor for EMI suppression in X1 circuits, with operating voltage of 350Vac, 440Vac, 480Vac, 530Vac and 760Vac, operating temperatures spanning from -40°C to +
FDQ Series - High Robustness Automotive Grade DC Link Capacitors
AiSHi launched High Robustness Automotive Grade DC-Link capacitor FDQ Series for DC-Link applications. The FDQ series is suitable for automotive application especially in harsh environmental conditions, and passed THB testing for 1,000 Hours (85℃ and 85% RH with rated voltage) and qualify in accordance with AEC-Q200 requirement.
FDG Series - THB type DC Link Capacitors for Harsh Environment Conditions
AiSHi FDG series is constructed of metallized polypropylene film with high dielectric strength in operating condition up to 105°C. There are suitable for harsh environment, and passed the THB test at 85°C, 85% relative humidity with a rated voltage applied for 1000 hours.
FAC/FAD Series - Single-Phase, Three-Phase Oil Type AC Filter Capacitors with Safety Explosion Proof
AiSHi Cylindrical Aluminum Can AC Filter Capacitor's voltage range is 230-850Vrms with maximum capacitance up to 600uF. It has single-phase or three-phase capacitors with dual security protection: self-healing and over-pressure protection. In case of failure, the explosion-proof mechanism of the product acts, and the capacitor is disconnected from the circuit to avoid the occurrence of larger faults. The maximum fault current is 10KAFC.
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