FDE Series - High Reliability DC Link Capacitor for EV/HEV Powertrain

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FDE Series - High Reliability DC Link Capacitor for EV/HEV Powertrain

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On 18 Jan 2019, AiSHi launched a customized metallized film capacitor for automotive in the face of the rapidly growing new energy automotive market. The product uses metallized polypropylene film which is metallization in high vacuum environment, high precision integrative busbar connector, flame retardant epoxy resin with high temperature and humidity resistance and PPS plastic case. High-tech welding equipment with six-axis robotic arm, high precision positioning fixture, vacuum filling epoxy resin and automatic welding, test and packaging equipment are used in the production process which ensures the consistency and reliability of product quality.


Products passed IEC 6107 / IEC 61373 / AEC-Q200 related test standard, segmented film for internal design to ensure that the end of life mode of products is open circuit with capacitance approaching zero, it improves the safety performance of the product.


This FDE series is specially design for DC filtering in EV/HEV powertrain and AEC-Q200 compliance of the FDE series ensures the film capacitors are meeting the most stringent quality standards in the industry. 


Product Feature:

1.Voltage Range: 450V ~ 900V

2.Capacitance Range: 300µF ~ 1000µF

3.Low ESR (<0.5mΩ)

4.Low ESL (<25nH)

5.High Ripple Current 100A~250A

6. Automotive Grade (AEC-Q200)


FDE Series Data Sheet