FDQ Series - High Robustness Automotive Grade DC Link Capacitors

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FDQ Series - High Robustness Automotive Grade DC Link Capacitors

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AiSHi is presenting Automotive Grade DC-Link capacitor FDQ Series for DC-Link applications. The FDQ series is suitable for automotive applications especially in harsh environmental conditions, and passed THB testing for 2,000 Hours (85℃ and 85% RH with rated voltage) and qualify in accordance with AEC-Q200 requirement.
The excellent performance characteristics make them suitable for high performance power conversion in DC Link circuit. Comprised of metallized polypropylene dielectric imbued with epoxy resin and encased in a PPS plastic case with 2 or 4 leads, these FDQ Series capacitors exhibit high ripple current, high dielectric strength, high capacitance density, in operating temperatures spanning -40°C to +105°C.
This DC Link Capacitor is widely used in various applications, including Automotive, OBC, PV Inverter, Frequency Converter and DC Filter of Industrial Power.
1. Maximum Operation Temperature - 105℃
2. Rated Voltage Range: 450Vdc ~ 1200Vdc
3. Capacitance Range: 1.0µF ~ 400µF
4. THB 2000H - 
85℃ 85%RH, 2000 Hours, Rated Voltage
5. AEC-Q200D (Automotive Grade)